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Best Selling Christmas Gift (Only 40 Left) -  Weather Forecast Crystal Wooden Glass Christmas Gift

-A transparent solution consisting of several chemical substances in a glass container.
Because of climate change, the shape of a variety of crystal will
have a change.
-Because it is a kind of crystal, so its change is not fast,
it will change with the weather slowly change.
Can be free to place, please enjoy the changes in a favorite place.
-Although the crystal chemical reaction remains a mystery,
but in the changes of the seasons,
can feel the changes of wonderful beauty of the crystal is a pleasure.

Color:wooden base,glass base
Features:predict the weather, can also be used as an art decoration

Weather display:
-To clarify, that the weather will be fine;
-Hazy, sometimes accompanied by precipitation, then the weather will be cloudy;
-Precipitation suspended, it indicates that the wet weather or frost;
-The suspension of precipitation and hazy liquid coexist, which indicates that the storms will come;
-In a sunny winter day, there is a suspension of liquid, which means that it will snow;
-In a warm day or in the winter, there is a large precipitation in the liquid, which indicates that it will be cloudy;
-In the bottom of the cup, there is a crystal, which indicates that it will frost
-A spiral pattern on top of that, the wind will blow.


The main function of the weather bottle is still mainly to enjoy and
decoration, the more accurate please look at the weather forecast.

Package include:
1 x Weather forecast crystal